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Vision 20/20 Masterclass: Define your own model of success in 2024 & beyond

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Thursday 25th January 12-1.30pm GMT on Zoom 

Make more confident and courageous decisions about your work and life by defining your own model of success.

"I'd love it if..."

During this online masterclass you'll be taken through a process of getting clearer about what success means to you that isn't purely based on what society tells us it looks like.

This is based on the first module of our Vision 20/20 group coaching program and the 4 pillars of success for more conscious entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals:

  • Happy money - How can you align your income streams with your values & needs? What projects no longer feel like a fit?
  • Intentional time - How can you spend your precious time at work more intentionally? What do you need to say no to?
  • Authentic relationships - What new clients, connections or collaborations would you love to explore? The thought of which energises you.
  • Effortless impact - How can you grow your income and impact, but with half the effort?

Over the course of 90 minutes we'll help you tune into what's really important to you and the impact you want to make in the world.

You'll get to meet and share stories and challenges with a small group of likeminded peers that are also asking themselves some similar questions. No longer the lone wolf.

You'll come away with

  • Excitement and curiosity for what the next chapter of your work or business might look like for you
  • Inspiration from others for what might be possible
  • Practical tools to help you move forward with your ideas
  • Clarity on what to say yes and no to in 2024
  • Connection to your own intuition, and to other values-driven founders and leaders on a similar path

This workshop will be led by Laurence McCahill & Carlos Saba, the founders of The Happy Startup School, business coaches and community builders for 10 years, business partners for 20 years, friends for 40 years.

If you join this workshop and then decide enrol on Tribe 9 of Vision 20/20 which starts in March, we'll reimburse you the workshop fee.

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Vision 20/20 Masterclass: Define your own model of success in 2024 & beyond

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